Orctober Art and Drawing

2021 Art Prompts

1. Bunny

2. Spicy

3. Wind

4. Boot

5. Clouds

6. Dragon

7. Candle

8. Video

9. Chicken

10. Muddy

11. Swing

12. Beanstalk

13. Shark

14. Mushrooms

15. Dessert

16. Weather

17. Puzzle

18. Blender

19. Overgrown

20. Space

21. Buddy

22. Rodent

23. Map

24. Cyclops

25. Waterfall

26. Computer

27. Hobby

28. Window

29. Childhood

30. Magnify

31. Jack-o-lantern

  1. Make art. The medium is up to you -- pencil, ink, clay, digital, words, sounds, photography, sticks found in your yard, sand, whatever. 2D, 3D, 4D hyperspace, whatever. The trick is to make new art every day. Don’t dig out something you already made but instead make something new.
  2. Post it. We’d love to see it, so if you’re game, share it with us on Facebook or Discord. Or just hang it on your fridge or late night text it to your ex (if you do this, please tell us how this went). How often you post is up to you, but it’s important to display it, even if you’re the only one who sees it.
  3. Repeat.
  4. Have fun!

  • Q. Is there a theme to the list?
    A. Not really. There are a few things in reference to the game we’re working on right now. And there’s a prompt for each member of the Orcwood team scattered on the list.
  • Q. Why this instead of Inktober?
    A. The controversy around Inktober is pretty intense, but to sum up: Jake Parker, who started Inktober, last year went and did a lot of legal douchebaggery concerning Inktober, then this year it seems he completely plagiarized another artist’s work. So, like the rest of the artist community, we do not wish to support Parker by participating in Inktober. However, he didn’t invent the concept of a daily art challenge, and something called “ORCtober” is too awesome to pass up here at Orcwood.
  • Q. Is this a contest?
    A. Nope. There are no prizes and posting things publicly is not an invitation for criticism or comparison. This is a challenge -- of yourself -- to make something every day for a month.
  • Q. Can I use <insert medium here>?
    A. Yes. To include the written word, music, interpretive dance, whatever way you wish to express yourself. For instance, Jenny is 3D modeling in Blender for the challenge. That is, until she realizes that’s a lot of work, then she’s switching to sticks found in the backyard. The important thing is to make art every day.